We can provide TABS for ANY REFERENCE MANUAL for the Professional Engineering PE Exam!  CLICK the PRODUCTS to the RIGHT to find your books!If it’s not within our Product Categories to the right, please E-mail us the Name, Author, ISBN, and Edition.

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Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam, 12th ed. shown: 9 Topic Tabs and 92 Section Tabs for quick navigation with tabs that are clearly labeled for each section.

You have 6 minutes for each question and 8 long hours of them.  The key is to find everything in your reference manuals immediately!  Keep your manuals organized with professional tabs that keep each discipline at your finger tips.

Reasons to use PE EXAM TABS:

  • SAVE TIME:  Handwriting tabs can take up to 15 hours, these tabs can be installed within 15 minutes.  How much is your time worth?
  • MINIMAL COST:  Driving to the store and purchasing tabs can cost up to $15 in gas and supplies alone.  These tabs will be mailed directly to your doorstep within one week.  
  • TIME SAVINGS DURING EXAM:  These tabs are clear and easy to read.  Speed is essential to passing.    
  • ANY MANUAL:  We will provide tabs for any reference manual.  E-mail us the name, author, edition and ISBN and we’ll create tabs.  If we don’t already have it, you can also scan the Table of Contents to us and we’ll create it.

Quotes from actual Professional Engineers:
“The key to PASSING this exam is all about organization and knowing where information can be found.  All of the answers are within the recommended manuals, and tabbing these manuals is essential for speed.”

“The first time I took it, I thought to myself, I’ll just look at the index to find out where things are.  And then the buzzer went off with 15 unanswered questions left.  So the second time I took the exam, I tabbed everything.  Made it through all of the questions, and PASSED.”

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